Friday, June 22, 2007

And the shiny box....

Off Topic :))) Realy, realy off topic ...

I did it.
I bought myself a new graphics card.
One of them...
Right there in the best shelves of the computer shops - in the shiny boxes... with the tempting extras ...
And their call everywhere "Buy me, buy me! Invest all your savings, dont listen to your brain..." :)
My new graphics card is the ASUS EN8800 GTS 640 MB DDR3.
The little brother, of the absolute ubbergraphics monster the 8800 GTX Ultra OC. If you dont care about earth at all, polution doesn't exist in your vocabulary and dont mind to have your own nuclear plant inside your gaming box buy it! I dont care! (Wish i could buy it though too :)
For now this is enough.
Excellent Performance and "could be a very little bit worse" energy appetite. This thing realy needs 3 cables of electricity.

This is how it looks...

And then again compared to my old GEFORCE 7500 LE 512MB.

Just installing it tomorrow and some serious gaming is coming up.
But dont panic! (imagine in big yellow letters)

I have started Part Three.

Best wishes

Thursday, June 14, 2007

From "Ushan - the Return"

Awaken, Ushan, awaken!
Make anger return to your people forsaken.
Order and lead and we will follow
worlds and ages will be drowned in the shadow,
when we seek, hunt and kill
the treasure, thats lost, when found we will chill.

We keep it safe and protect the fragments
and nothing else could ease our torment,
except the sun, that is born from the dark
and chose you and your people with a sinister mark

receives what it needs:
then space, time and life and everthing bleeds.

One half is together, the other revealed
battletime has come and victory is at yield,
enemy returned, reborn from the ashes,
for his long lost powers he eagerly rushes,
and is building a tower to withstand the storm.

Ushan has awaken - the son of Black Sun,
we'll find all the fragments and make them to one,
we'll bind them together and return to the root
and there we will finally find our truth.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's my 50th post in this blog

Hey guys - this is my 50th post in this blog and i am proud to aanounce that i just put the point to the last sentence of Part Two of my book on page 302.
I almost forgot how i felt when i finished Part One. But know it is the same - i am happy and very sad in one. Happy that i finished and sad that i again must now leave the people i have written about, their hopes and fears and adventures. I shouldnt have made the concept of the book in 3 parts, because it hurts so much when i have to break the connections to everthing i have written about so far and focus on something new.
But dont worry.
In the next couple of days i will begin with part Three and slowly but firmly approach the epic end.

Best wishes and thanks for checking this blog