Friday, March 30, 2007

The Big Day

So folks,today is the big day. Today i'm gonna receive my degree.
This is how i feel


Saturday, March 24, 2007

I finished my exams

It is finaly over - 5 years of suffering, crying and inexplicable psychic torture have come to an end. I finished university. My degree now officialy is lic.phil.hist.
Now what...
I dont know. It's just boring. I just spent 2 days relaxing and i dont have anything to do. I dont know why i expected that once the university is finished something significantly will happen. That's simply not the case. I dont have to study anymore - something i got so used to it over the last 12 months that it completely dominated my life. Suddenly i have so much free time - i dont know how to fill it. I'm gonna make some real gaming sessions on my PC - Jade Empire, STALKER, Command and Conquer 3. But this wont last long - since i know how fast i tend to get through the games. But wait...
Yes of course.
I am writing a novel.
This is the new task that must fill me.
And it will.
So, folks, great stuff is coming in the story. I'm close to completing the second part of the book and starving to start with the third one. My head is swirling with ideas - it's just that my fingers are so lazy. And i'm already working on the storyline for the sequel.

That's all for now. Updates will come now more frequently.


Friday, March 09, 2007

The White Tower of Aran

"The Empire that defied the storm, withstood, suffered, fought and ultimately lost."
The Archivar

Exams Update

Well folks

I just lost 4 hours of my life. The big one is over. Next one is in 2 weeks. It will be the last one.
Now i am going to sleep.

Bye bye

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Point of no Return

Ok folks, that's it. Tomorrow is my first of the final exams. 4 hours. God help me to get it trough. I learned enough, i know a lot. Let's just hope i can show my knowledge accurately to my professor.
So cross your fingers and wish me luck...

PS: i havent worked on my novel for some weeks now. Well i did - but only a little. As soon as my fu...g exams are over i will put all my strength in finishing the book. I promise.

Best wishes