Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Remember the Eye?

Hey people

If you remember last year when i started this blog in one of my first postings i had a picture of a weird eye. Well now finaly on page 363 of my book i have the chance to try to describe it in words...

Your Vasko

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Evolution of mankind

This is magnificent video about the future of our universe. It is simply overwhelming. OPen the link, wait for the swf-video to load and enjoy.


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Update about writing, why i should do it more and why i am not and about a whole bunch of numbers...

It has been a while i posted in here, and to my shame i must confess, that all the time wasnt entirely filled with creativity regarding my book. Usualy i tend to keep my promises.
On the other hand this period was not completely "writing-free". I reread the whole first and second part and made some major and less important corrections. I must admit that i kinda noticed that my writing was "improving". At least for my taste. So i simply rewrote some parts from the beginning to match my later style. This eventually threw me back in my time calculations. Although i wrote the transition to the absolute climax in my book - the point where all three parts start to flow together and unveil the true scale of everything - the good, the evil, the past, the present and the future. Long story short - i'm on page 350. In even more numbers this means i am nearly at half in the third part, which again means 4,5/6 in the whole project.
I am kind of confident that this christmas i'm gonna have my own book under the christmas tree - at least the (yet) unpublished manuscript.

I am realy curious what my brother thinks about the book. He is now reading the finished pages...
Maybe i should just not waste so much time in being curious about what my brother thinks. Maybe i shouldn't read so much either (just happened to have bought myself the complete Steven King Dark Tower Epic - i read volume 1 in 2 dasy and am now stuck in the middle of volume 2 in a total of 7 books with 4500 pages).

Maybe i should just write again!
Yes, i promise (and i tend to keep my promises:-)

Before i forget: i know maybe half of the people out there will think of me as a complete moron - but i admit: YES, I READ THE LAST HARRY POTTER BOOK AND I LIKED IT AS WELL. And before all of you leave this page here is something i laughed tears at while watching it - it is simply hilarious. Watch and enjoy.

I am going back to writing...