Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The "10K"

The "Tenthousander"

A Dying Planet

The Ural Mountains

The Desert

The desert of Kazan

Second Book Update

It has been some time since my last post, but it was only due to some unpostponable duties i had to take care of first. Now it's semester brake. Finaly! Enough time to write. Yeah i know what you think - is this guy crazy? Midsummer, sunny days and he wants to write? Absolutely! There is nothing more relaxing than diving in to some strange world, that came just out from your own fantasy. Spending time with charecters that you created and you still shape . I dont know if other people writing stories have the same experiences, but for me spinning the story forth, driving the tension of the story to the next turning point and watching how your own charecters almost automaticaly react to this new situations is so incredible! I am living a whole new life through them: Ilian Wakeman, Raissa Gamova and Dr. Nils Adolfsson trying to escape a war, that is endangering all that the Lumenians have created on the Moon. Feeling sorry for Anderson Drake and in the same time being unable to believe what he is ready to sacrifice for a brighter and better future. How he is ready to bring destruction to every single living beeing just to make his dreams come true. Dreams that we all have and we all share to a certain point. And knowing that there is a hidden enemy, so powerful and unspeakably evil, contolling the destiny and future of the entire universe, and being master over existence and death!!! It gives me the shivers. It makes me lust for more. I wanna see how far this story gets and what else will happen.
I am adicted to it :)

Oh and i almost forgot - another chapter of the story is fully finished. And the exciting things are still to come.

Till soon