Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Gravyard of Aran

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Small novel update

Hey folks,

I was just thinking that i havent posted recent story and progress updates, since i finished Part One of my novel.
Well, here are some infobits:

I am in the middle of Part Two right now. Just finished page 234. Man, this is realy hard. The whole thing is swirling in my brain, even what the charecters should say or do in certain moments. I just dont have much time to write right now. In 3 weeks i have my last exams. Oh God! Help me to get over it. I'm learning almost every minute of my day (except the evenings - just cant miss King of Queens on the Tellie).
Because i am nervous all i do the rest of the time is eating. No joke! I've gotten so fat - i cant believe it. Will have to do some kind of diet after exams are over.
In between i try to find time to bring my ideas on paper (PC actually) and have some progress on my novel. I have to admit - the heart of the story, where i am right now, is the most difficult thing i have ever written. I just want to get it right. The hard thing is that my brain permanently gets bombardet by the storyline for Part Three. I just seem to make this story keep going in my mind faster than i can type it. It's absolutely depressing. I realy dont know how authors like Steven King write up to two books, over 800 pages each, within a year. This is absolutely phenomenal. Or my favourite author Dan Simmons. How is it possible to come up with a story which keeps evolving and twisting on more than 3000 pages. Those of you who have read Hyperion Cantos and Endymion Duology know what i mean. Do these people sleep, eat or do anything else besides writing. I just cant say how much i admire them. I have trouble to organize my time to fit in things like learning, working, girlfriend, family, moving (yes i do that too - my girlfriend and me are moving together), eating, sleeping, watching Doug and Carry get into trouble and writing a silly science fiction story, that occupies my mind.
If i look at it from distance - hey! 234 pages! It's not that bad when i look back to just a couple of months when i started with this. And i am in the middle. Maybe just a couple more months and the project will end succesfully. We'll see.

Bye for now and stay tuned.