Monday, October 09, 2006


Dear Reader (if there is any of you at all :-))

I have finished my master work in History and now i have again time to write on my novel, although my time is realy little. After all i have exams in 4 months - and they will be realy big.
Nonetheless i have finished another chapter of my novel-in-work. I'm closing in to the end of part one of my book and i have to be honest - all the charecters, and plotlines are going to an very unexpected end, which i too dont yet know if it will work. All i can say is that everything will be thrown in a mixer and mixed up in a very unusual manner. Personally i want to finish this first part quickly, because the plot is gonna get realy complicated. I only hope that this will work as i imagine it to work.
Unfortunately i have to rely only on my brother as a test reader, because my friends are all very uninterested in science fiction - they prefer psychology criminal and mafia plots, dont ever read sci-fi or do anything in this direction. But i have to admit that my brother is a realy big help for me, because he pinpoints errors in my plot construction with the sharpness of someone, who hasnt done anything else in his whole life than reading sci-fi.

That's all for now.


PS: i bought the Start Trek DVD Set "Borg Compilation" and it rocks!!! This is exactly for me - i hate start trek but all borg series are just awesome.