Sunday, February 17, 2008

461 pages - What lies ahead?

Hi there

The big steps towards the end are getting even bigger. I am confident that i'll finish the book as planned on February, 24th. Actually i need 10 more pages to conclude the final chapter and then comes the half finished epilogue. The manuscript should be ready by the end of next week or up to wednesday the week after at latest.

What i will do further:

- i am going to put the manuscript aside for a couple of days, after i finished it (maybe for a week or so) and get some relief. Go out for a walk, meet friends, watch dvd's anything. Just dont be thinking about it.

- i'll start reading it from first page to the last and insert corrections, cut something out, or add other passages.

- i'll refresh my contact with the publishers.

It feels weird that after 2 years of work and so much effort put into this i finaly will have some kind of result. If it'll be worth it or not...time will tell.

So till next time.



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