Monday, January 28, 2008

Promised - Delivered

Hi people

As promised earlier last week i'm updating again. 10 more pages are finito and oh my i gotta tell you it's realy drying me out. I mean right now i am writing all about what was swirling in my head from the very beginning. Maybe thats the reason why i proceed so slowly. I pick the words so carefuly trying to get it as right as possible. And besides getting all loose strings together for the Grande Finale is as hard as it gets.
So if numbers count for something - 432 pages. Next update will be around page 440 when the end will be just lurking around the corner. I'm so excited! After 2 years of work for the first time i know for sure that i am gonna finish this for real. And maybe i'll start on a sequel. But too early for that now.

So stay tuned and till next time.


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