Thursday, November 30, 2006

Novel Update

The first part is finished. I'm just polishing out the language. Putting in some minor changes and making sure it is how i want it to be. I hope the cliffhanger works, time will tell. Next week i will start with part two.
In my blog i pretty much feel like Humanity in the depths of space - all alone :) The only people who found this blog so far are my brother, a friend of his clicking over the links my brother posted in his blogs and a guy asking me about the picture of the nuclear explosion he pretty much liked. Wow! Three posts in half an year. This is great! :-) I'm curious when the next one comes.
Doesn't matter. I'll keep up updating this diary of my progress through crafting my first science fiction novel.

Wish all the readers (if there are any) all the best.

I'll be back soon with new updates.

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Sphaera Lumena

This is the Key - to bright future or complete desaster?
Part 2 of the book will show.
The Seeker are coming...

Part One is Ready!!!

Yeah! Whoohoo!
I just put the point to the last sentence of the first part of my book. 135 Pages! It took me some time but i am not a professional author after all. Besides i have plenty of stuff to do next to my writing. Nonetheless i did it.
I wonder if the cliffhanger works.
I guess i'll have to wait till the publishing and the readers reactions.

Stay tuned, whoever is visiting this.