Wednesday, June 14, 2006

First Book Update

Hello again

In the last few months i made some progress, though not as much as i would like. After all university is a priority. I usualy spent as much free time as possible on my novel. Now i can proudly say that the Prologue and the first 3 chapters are completely finished. 6 more chapters are on the way and should be finshed within the next couple of months. 7 more have still to be written.
I wont post any complete chapters, for the simple reason that i'm writing in German and this blog is planned to be an english one.
Anyway that's all for now.

I'll be back...soon.


The Project


My Name is Vassil Vassilev and i have started a rather ambitious project. For almost 2 years i am now working on something i have planned to become a fully-grown science-fiction novel. It all started with reading several books during my semester brake, which were a bit off-topic of my standart reading list (History). I always enjoyed reading science fiction. My all-time favorites are undoubtly "The Hyperion Cantos" by Dan Brown and the still unmatched "Foundation Trilogy" by I. Asimov. I have always tended to the more technically oriented sf-novels, that try to explain the technology and all the little gimmicks, that make all the fantastic things plausible. During my semester brake i read "The elegant Universe" by Brian Green, "Flatland" by Abbot, several books from Michio Kaku and of course "The universe in a nutshell" by physics mastermind Steven Hawking (although i favour other bright guys like Edward Witten for example - if there is a scientist, who could clame the title of Einstein of the 21st century then it should be Witten). So dealing a lot with quantum physics, string theory and quantum loop gravity during that summer i realised that uncountable questions swirled around in my head. They started to group around curious consequences, related to the explanation of such space objects like black holes, big bang, inflation etc. It didn't take long and a plot started to come to life in my head. Several people - collegues from work, from university - helped me to discard the faults in my story construction, so the thing could look as realistic as possible. I dont like too-distant-future-stories, i just think that they get too unrealistic the far the reach into the future goes. That's why my story plays in the not too distant future, although it manages to overspan the entire lifetime of the universe. Either i am rather ambitious or completely crazy.

Time will show...

More coming soon...

Monday, June 12, 2006

The Oneiros

The Oneiros at the Temple of Time

The Gateworld

The Gateworld

The Legend of Ushan

In the Beginning - there was Nothing.
Endless Darkness.
When Existence began - we were the First.

In the End - there will be Nothing.
Endless Darkness.
When Existence ends - we will be the Last.

For we are the Seekers
and the Seek is our Existence.

From "Ushan - the Rising"

Free the Universe

Will Humanity free the Universe from the terrible Seeker Hegemony?

More to come soon...